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Jeff Birdsall



I was born in Denver, grew up on the east coast, lived in San Francisco for four years before finding my way back to Colorado. I have a B.S. in Mass Communications, from Shepherd University in West Virginia.

I became politically conscience in 2015 when Bernie Sanders was up against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Primary. It was the first time I saw a politician actually speaking the truth when it came to corruption and big money interests in Washington D.C. It exposed the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party as the super delegates did everything within their power to Senator Sanders and give the nomination to the typical "Democrat Royalty" because it was her turn. I saw Democrats belittling the progressive wing by claiming that goals such as Universal Health Care and a $15 dollar minimum wage as unrealistic and a pipe dream.


I truly decided enough was enough with both parties after the tragic school shooting in Uvalde, Texas. Children were being slaughtered inside the school building by a teenager while those who swore an oath to protect and serve the public stood outside and prevented parents from rescuing their kids for over 40 minutes. I watched Congressional hearing and committee debates about gun control and was absolutely disgusted at the lack of empathy and concern for our children and citizens. I see it again and again, no matter the issue. Neatly crafted responses that faintly touch on the real issue without saying anything to upset their large campaign donors.

I don't see a future for this country, or this planet, as long as we let the two parties continue as they are. Petitions don't work, phone calls don't work. We, as citizens, can radically alter the direction of this country every two years when we elect our representatives. We have become wildly complacent in the past 50 years, while we sit on our thumbs and wait for the two parties to present candidates for us, which are usually terrible options. We need to eradicate the financial influence in our political system. We need to come together and say enough is enough, and take the power from the two parties and pass meaningful legislation that will keep the oligarchy out of our representative democracy.

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